Mark Hargraves, distinguished musicologist
and music critic for Downhome Music has this
to say about some of the Cowlicks tunes:

End Of The Night
"A tale of personal loss embraces this country rock ballad, with it's engaging imagery and wistful longing for love and comfort. Great song!"
Stupid Girl
"The feel of small town romance and family life give this country tune a very genuine flavor. Tasty guitar soloing, and equally good instrumentation all around make this cut ready for country radio."
I Love It When It Rains
"A starkly beautiful ballad embracing bittersweet imagery of love. The acoustic treatment strikes a moving score for a wonderfully inspired melody."
Baby Please
"O.K., so some of us have had some problems with our partners. But what better reason for some hot slide guitar? Passion runs along many bloodlines, and this is just another. This song is as good as any recorded by the 'Licks, just does not seem as 'serious'."
State Line
"Ah, the party ballad. A lost art form. Here, resurrected in fine form, it's time to reminisce. Have we all been 'inside' this song, somewhere? Come on, confess... But this is not Lynyrd Skynyrd stuff, but much more introspective and personal. It may just hit you where it counts."
It's A Long Road
"This bouncy, bluegrass relative of a song is so catchy. Friendly hooks, warm and plaintive vocals belie a deep and introspective personal story. It's addictive. My favorite song by the 'Licks so far."
Sweet Rosette
"Sweet ballad, sweet melody, man, oh, man. These guys can write a beautiful love ballad. I hope someone is listening, 'cause this is the stuff the good life is made of."